Mother and child care services

The immediate postpartum period is one of the toughest times for new mothers, and caring for a newborn is one of the most difficult tasks for them. We provide maternal and child health care services that focus on the postpartum period for the mother and the newborn.

This service aims to provide comfort to the new parents while reducing their workload, and to make the entry of all mothers into the world of motherhood enjoyable, easy, and stress-free. Parental education is part of the care plan to ensure the safety of the newborn sustainably after the program ends.

Maternal health care:

Maternal health care:

  • Educating the mother about breastfeeding.
  • Postpartum care for the mother.
  • Making a healthy diet for the mother in the postpartum period.

Newborn health care:

1 Special care of the newborn's umbilical stump by nurses.

2 Bathing and daily cleaning of the newborn.

3 Monitor vital signs.

4 Facilitating the vaccination process, vaccinations, and other medical assistance needed by the newborn.