Certified Nursing Care

We provide comprehensive nursing care services that guarantee the privacy of our patients, allowing the opportunity to receive nursing and medical care for patients with chronic and complex diseases in the comfort and privacy of their homes. A full staff of highly trained nurses will assist you in your home treatment journey

This certified nursing care is given through daily home visits or as determined by the attending physician, depending on the type of nursing care the patient’s condition calls for. A comprehensive daily examination is carried out, whether for the patient or for the home, to ensure the patient’s safety and the general safety of the atmosphere in it. Periodic laboratory examinations are also conducted, followed by a visit to the home care physician to re-evaluate and modify the care plan as needed. Some of the home nursing services are:

1 Washing and personal care.

2 Administer patient feeding tubes.

3 Chronic disease management.

4 Assistance with other daily activities.

5 Home physiotherapy services.

6 Educating the family regarding the care of the elderly at home.